Virtual Admin

Business Support

I offer a wide selection of business support services to help you manage and run your company. Examples of these would be where I have helped companies set up workplace pensions, taking on the whole process from staging to declaration. I have also liaised with website designers to help provide the text, photographs and company images for business websites and advertising campaigns. These are just a few of the support services I offer to save you time, and energy while improving your business operations.

Record & Data Management

I can help to ensure every record you collect is appropriately stored and indexed. This will make sure your policies, guidebooks, assessments, and handbooks are all kept up to date and renewed as required.


I have experience managing spreadsheets, keeping the information up to date as the need arises. This can include customer records, marketing contacts, finance records, business records. I have the tools and expertise to structure your data in a way that is clear, and easy to understand.

Business Policies

I help companies implement effective business policies that improve company processes and drive growth. I have worked with companies to set up their health and safety commitments, working in great detail to ensure risk assessments, policies and awareness were achieved throughout the organisation. I take these tasks on first-hand, research the possible options, and present drafts or proposals to the business owners agreement.

Overcoming Challenges

Sometimes, there might be a task or a project you would like to get off the ground, but you’re not quite sure how to begin, or where to find the time. Over the years, I have gained much experience and a passion for taking on and completing the various challenges set for me. Through working to understand your problem, and how it relates to your vision for your business, I can help you achieve your goal.

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Your Flexible office was recommended to me by a friend. I’d been looking for someone to help me with my office work for sometime. I’ve found Jackie’s work, help and advice extremely helpful. It has enabled me to concentrate on my daily work, knowing my paperwork and the organisation of my diary is taken care of. Customers have commented on Jackie’s efficiency and professionalism on more than one occasion. I would recommend Your Flexible Offices’ services to any business looking for a professional office administrator at cost effective price.

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