Working Remotely

In the current climate businesses are now considering offering working from home as an option to their staff.  As a result you may find the everyday running of your business is affected as staff are setting up systems and home offices, enabling them to work remotely.

Providing support and encouragement to create this new environment to staff, will become a priority for man.  This will undoubtedly take additional time out of your schedule and working day.

Home Office, Your Flexible OfficeBuilding up the infrastructure for data sharing and virtual meetings, and overcoming challenges of setting up connections over VPNs, are becoming a reality.

This weekend I was reading how many companies such as Google, Microsoft and Zoom, are offering their tools for free, or extending their qualifying free period, in the hope that people will then continue to use them in the ongoing future.

There’s a lot that will need to happen over a short space of time.

If you are finding that projects are running late for their deadlines due to this increased pressure, an option you may wish to consider is to outsource your project work to the services of a VA.

VA’s are  already set up as a working from home office.  They will be used to taking on new projects to help companies during upheaval.

VA’s are experienced in effectively working in the background supporting you and your task force, keeping you and your business on track.  They have already adapted to remote working and have resources in place to enable this.

If you would like any assistance, or help and advice about working from home, please do not hesitate to contact me to see how I could help you.