Events Management

From annual meetings and conferences, Christmas parties, surprise events, to awards ceremonies, I handle events of all sizes, for companies of various types.

I offer complete event management services to help you plan and execute a seamless event that truly represents your company. My services include managing all administrative and logistical aspects of your event, liaising with all relevant suppliers to ensure everything goes to schedule.

Handling Paperwork

I can manage the paperwork for your event, ensuring that all expenses remain within your budget and that all invoices are paid. I also handle contracts and service agreements for all suppliers, to ensure that they provide their services on schedule. I can also assist with managing event registration, and other administrative work associated with your event.

Supplier Liaison

With an extensive network of professionals, I can help you source and book suppliers for your events. I can also assist in managing your suppliers and ensuring that everything remains on track. From booking times and dates to finalising plans for your events, I can manage all event suppliers, to make sure your event runs exactly as you want it.

Creative Input

From working closely with you and your business, I can provide creative input for your event, whenever you need it. I can liaise with designers on event artwork, and any necessary marketing materials, and with event managers on colour schemes and layout for your event. I always work to understand your vision for the event fully and strive to help you achieve it.

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I’m bright, I’m fairly intelligent, I’m pretty hardworking too, but I’ve always struggled with the minutiae of ‘The Office’. If a client ever rang me to discuss any issues I would drop my own work in an instant and run off to help someone else. Jackie Curtis has managed to keep me on track even though I’m determined to scupper everything by not focusing on the important issues. She organises all my office, our bills, invoices, meetings, I’ve got my calendar set for a year in advance. She uses her initiative to not only solve problems but help with potential opportunities, quite simply, we wouldn’t function without her.

Malachy De Lacy: Wild In The Country Ltd