Has your way of working changed for the foreseeable future?

Are you likely to continue working from home as a new way of working?   You’ll need to get your business online so you can adapt the way you communicate with your teams and clients, to make sure you keep your business running effectively.

This will also help you to continue to grow and keep a presence, as if you are still in the office everyday.

It’s a new way of working for many.  You know it’s possible but where do you start with all the systems, tools, apps, procedures – it can be a bit daunting!

Make the most of your time

It’s also given you the perfect opportunity to make good use of your new ‘office time’ whilst restrictions are in place.

This could be:

Home office, Virtual Assistant, Your Flexible Office

  • Blogs – keep your website active with news about you and your business
  • Marketing emails – keep in contact with all your clients and colleagues with your updates by email, once set up this can be a bonus to you and your business all year round!
  • Website SEO – make sure your website is working optimally, refresh content accordingly!
  • Accounts – put off by many until you know you need to submit to HMRC, get ahead of the game and get your accounts up to date so you know your financial situation
  • Project Management – All your projects, tasks, work-in-progress can be managed easily on a tool such as Trello Boards, keeping you organised, working and on top of your workload
  • CRM – great opportunity to gather all your contacts, business cards, email addresses into one database
  • Videoconferencing – You are key to your business, let people still see you.  Various tools (Zoom, Skype etc) are available to help you do this easily! (also useful for keeping in touch with family and friends).

Specialist help

These tasks may not be within your natural ‘skill set’, which is why many delay addressing these in the first instance.

You may need assistance to help you get systems and processes in place.  Or you may prefer for someone to take these tasks on for you.  Either way, turn to someone who specialises in assisting people like yourself.

A specialist Virtual Assistant (VA) can guide you or help you – it’s what they do best!

My starter package (4 hours per month for £99), will give you the support you need to get set up.  Packages can be tailored to your requirements.

To find out further details, please email me or give me a call 07776 185705.  Alternatively take a look at some of the services I offer.

Let’s get your business online easily and effectively!