Happy New Year!  Are you ready for 2020?

I totally enjoyed last year!  On New Years Day, we tend to look forward to the New Year with hope of all that it will bring and our plans/resolutions for the year ahead, but I must admit this year I found myself thinking how I absolutely loved the last year, as well as looking forward to the New Year.

One of my clients started planning a new business adventure in the last quarter of 2019, so we were already planning ahead for 2020.  When she told me of her new plans, her first words were “I hate doing admin, always have done, always will do, so I need your help.”

Music to my ears, as I love doing Admin!

How does a Virtual Admin provide support?

Virtual Admin

We began with a meeting to discuss the business plans for the new venture, how this will be achieved, contacts we’d need to make and people we’d need to include, and then how I could help support my client.  This usually is based on what they’d prefer not to be doing so they can pass this over to me and no longer worry about it, but spend time on what they prefer to be doing.

In this case, it was a very clear cut decision.  My client didn’t want to be doing anything admin related – emails, filing, finding services/contacts, book-keeping, financial planning, liaising with the accountants, and any PA support I could provide along the way as the project develops.

With this support behind her, she knew she could switch off from worrying about keeping everything ticking over in a timely fashion, everything would be ready and in place when she needed it, the office could run efficiently and I would just update her and notify her of any requirements along the way.  This was now music to her ears, as her dreaded admin was no longer her concern – smiles all round!

What is  a Virtual Admin?

The concept of a Virtual Admin is a perfect solution for small businesses and the self-employed, who have a business to run for which their skills are best suited.  But with that comes all the added paperwork, time spent communicating with clients / suppliers / professional bodies, and you end up losing valuable time when your skills are best off being utilized elsewhere.

Whilst a Virtual Admin wasn’t such a well known term previously, word has spread and those with VA’s have recognised the benefit and have passed this wisdom over to others they know in business.   A Virtual Admin can be with you wherever you are, providing as much or as little support as you may need, and within your budget.

This last year has shown a trend in people reviewing their lives, and looking at how they can continue with their business, but have a better quality of life so they can enjoy work, but be less stressed, and simply getting more quality time to spend on family, hobbies, lifestyles.

I’m not sure whether this is a result of the political turmoil, or Brexit, but I have seen a few of my own clients changing their business direction.  They’ve kept their businesses but have moved to different parts of the country to be in a place they love, not letting work dictate their life choices.  They have adjusted their working patterns and have made their work compliment their lifestyle.   The beauty of having a Virtual Admin support you, is that no matter where you are, the service doesn’t change, business can continue as normal.

Key Priority

We may be virtual, but the key priority as a Virtual Admin for me is right from the start, to provide a personal service.  I’ve spent many years working as a PA to leaders in business, and to be able to support someone it’s really important you spend time to get to know them, their likes/dislikes, how they like to work.

You may have fantastic skills that tick all the boxes, but you also need to be personable so you can work together well.  Once you have that you can work knowing that you are supporting them how they’d like to be supported.  You need to gain the trust of someone so they are happy to pass over their work, as it has taken them a while to build up their businesses/reputation, and they need to know they can rely on you to carry on their work in good faith.

There’s more information on my services pages to give you an idea of how I might be of assistance to support you and your business this year.  Alternatively just give me a no obligation call, I’d be happy to chat with you about your business frustrations, how I can be of assistance to you, and how it will make a difference to your day, as every business support is tailored specifically to your needs.

I’ve got a few plans of my own for the year ahead, and I’m refreshed and ready to kick off the New Year.  Wishing you all a happy and successful New Year ahead!