Networking Across the World From Your Own Home!

You’re probably now working from home, beginning to feel a bit fed up with the restrictions and feeling like you have a limited ‘work bubble’ – but it needn’t be that way.  There are amazing opportunities for you to grow your business and connections simply networking across the world from your own home!

I wanted to share with you some positivity and my learnings that have come out of the Lockdown restrictions.

I’d been meaning to join some networking groups in Cornwall since the start of the year, and I joined in March, just before Lockdown.

Turns out, it was the best time to join and Networking Online just got better….

Where’s the best coverage for Networking?

I’ve joined a couple of local groups, one of them being Your Partnerships Cornwall.  This became a major change for me and my business.

Your Partnerships have boomed since Networking Online kicked in during Lockdown.  They are now growing and operating throughout the country, in fact all over the world!  Their success means I get to reach out to businesses throughout the country or further afield.

For me this meant I could join a trustworthy group, where I could make valuable connections and meet potential clients.  It didn’t just have to be in Cornwall, it could be anywhere.  I literally can look at what meetings are taking place this week/month and choose where I’d like to network.  They always give me a warm, friendly welcome!

The benefits of Networking on a larger scale

Networking can be daunting when you first start, but I’ve now got a whole load of new connections that I meet online up and down the country, and they have become my colleagues.

We share information, we have connected on social media pages, we have had meetings outside of networkings, I learn from them about new initiatives, products, better ways of working, and more importantly, we enjoy our meetings and have a laugh (especially when the likes of Shane Soloman comes online, there’s always something going on at his Cornwall TV Studio).

I asked David Brock (aka ‘Brock’) the Founder of Your Partnerships, who welcomed me to the network, how networking during lockdown has changed and the impact it was having.

Brock is a brilliant leader!, he’s always willing to help and support you.  So when I asked Brock for some feedback, Brock very kindly did a video for me to share in my post.

Here he explains how important it is to get to build your business with new trusted contacts, and how you and your business will benefit (including a 3/4 million dollar deal for one member!).


If you are feeling like you are stuck in a ‘work bubble’, if you want to inject some fun and new contacts into your working week, this will seriously make you feel more positive in these hard times.

You also get to share what everyone is going through, you’re not the only one.  It’s like when you are at work in the office, and you meet your workmates in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee…. work, fun and companionship.

I hope you will find this inspiring and helpful, if you are thinking of joining one of their meetings, feel free to contact me.  If I’m on the same meeting, I’ll make sure I give you a big friendly hello!

Feel free to also share your thoughts on how Networking has helped you, I’d love to hear your stories.