Hertfordshire to Cornwall

…. There’s a new Working From Home trend

A year ago, we packed up the contents of our house, followed it in a van down the M5 until we met again in a field in St Just, Cornwall, where the entire contents of our house was loaded into a container, next to a field of cows.

It felt surreal as this was the start of our new venture, and for a while we were literally free from owning a home… we felt liberated!!

This was the start of our relocation to Cornwall and working from home…. a new home.  Two months later in August we picked up the the keys and friends and family joined us to help us unpack and settle in.

Building my new ‘Your Flexible Office’

Friends & Family building ‘Your Flexible Office’


We made the decision to move mainly based on the fact that we wanted to get out of the rat race, we were constantly working and time was just slipping by.  Impending Brexit (dare I say the B word), helped us decide back then, now was as good a time as any.  Since we spent a significant amount of our spare time travelling back and forth from our beloved Cornwall, there was only one place it was ever going to be, and we landed in St Just… perfect!

Since then it became apparent we were not the only one’s thinking this way.  We have learnt of many other friends and colleagues who have decided to pick up their businesses, change the way they work, or change business altogether, so they can move to another part of the world where, whilst their business is vital to them, it is not their first priority.  How they live their lives is now their priority, and adjusting the way they work gives them the ability to achieve just that.  Rather than striving for flash cars, bigger homes, and other material possessions, it seems a trend that a lot of people are now reflecting on what is important to them – where and how they live their lives.

We are really lucky to now live somewhere that we adore, with  such a welcoming community.  We are enjoying investing our time and money into our new town, and getting to know local businesses, our neighbours, and a new way of living.  To us Cornwall brings its many rewards with the fantastic places to discover, the local history (of which there is plenty to learn about in this old mining town), and the celebrations which seem to be plenty in Cornwall (plus discovering new festivals and new local bands… Freshly Squeezed are excellent!).

Festival celebrations Pendeen

Festival celebrations Pendeen


Whether it’s Cornwall, Devon, Norfolk, Edinburgh, Dorset …. if you are thinking the way we did, we can fully recommend you give this serious consideration and do not be frightened to consider that you could make it a reality.  I know there’s a Follow Your Dream to Cornwall facebook page, that shares inspiration, stories, local services and support for others hoping to move counties, there’s probably one similar to your dream place.

With technology and the change of culture in many businesses nowadays, there seems a wide acceptance and understanding of the benefit to both individuals and companies of the ‘working from home’ culture.

I hope you will find this brief story an inspiration to follow your dream.

Down time in St Just


If you are in need of assistance to help you gain back time in your working day, contact Your Flexible Office to discuss the services I can offer to help you and your business.




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Heather Ayres
June 27, 2019 4:48 pm

Hello and Wow!
We live in Ware, Hertfordshire…atm.
We’ve sold our house and we have had an offer accepted here.
We remain forever hopeful that this move will run smoothly!

    Hello Heather, I used to live in Ware previously! Good luck with your move, I hope it’s to Cornwall, you will love it!! Even if the move is a hassle, it’s worth it x