What is a Virtual Assistant?

You may be thinking ‘What is a Virtual Assistant’, and do I need one?

The best way to answer this is think of all the Admin tasks or projects that you don’t enjoy, or take up too much of your valuable time.  You may like to hand these tasks over to an Assistant, but you work solely/have no office staff, or do not have an office base.

You could outsource this work to a Virtual Assistant (VA) who can provide this service.

VA’s will save you time and money.  Think of your hourly rate, if you spend an hour doing your Admin work, that’s how much it’s cost you in time and money.  Why not pay a VA at their hourly rate, to do it for you.  Your ‘Admin hours’ are then costing you less.

A Virtual Assistant can provide you with a fully equipped office service, whilst working remotely.  With the current technology, apps and tools available, a VA can get systems into place so you can work easily together, having same access to and sharing files / information and data safely and securely.  You can pass tasks over to your VA without needing to take time out of your busy working day to meet up.

VA’s are literally just a phone call, email or message away.  They can work with you or represent your office to your clients, suppliers, acquaintances.

One of the comments I’ve heard from my own clients, especially when we are having our initial discussion of how I can help them, is how wonderful it would be to have a personal assistant that they can go to for assistance, especially when overwhelmed with tasks to do.

This can be either business or personal related tasks.  If it helps you use your time more effectively, they can ‘virtually’ be right by your side helping you wherever you are.  VA’s are a great assistance to any individual or business.

So what services can a VA offer?

Now you know what a VA is, you need to think of what you’d like to handover to a VA.  This can define which Independent VA or VA agency to use, depending on the services they offer.

Some of the typical administrative services you can expect are:

  • PA and Secretarial services
  • Customer/Supplier Liaison – Calls / Emails
  • Calendar management & reminder service
  • Newsletters
  • Preparing reports
  • Invoicing / quotations
  • Arranging travel / hotels / restaurants
  • CRM management
  • Event Management
  • Minute taking
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Meeting and Event Organising / Support
  • Data input and development/maintenance
  • System / Process set-up
  • Budget maintenance / keeping track of your business expenses
  • Social Media Management

VA’s may also have specific backgrounds where they can offer their specialist services to you such as Legal backgrounds, HR or in my case book-keeping services and WordPress.

My own varied career background means I can offer a varied skillset due to experience of working for

  • High level Corporate executives & Blue Chip Company’s
  • Small business owners sector
  • Entrepeneurs
  • Public sector for a local NHS Trust
  • Creative thinking from working from an advertising background
  • Finance Management – including bookkeeping services, budgetting and assistance
  • Assisting / submitting SA tax returns for individuals.
  • WordPress – blogs / uploading / basic SEO

What are the key benefits of a VA service?

Having further clarity now on what a VA is and what they can offer, these are some of the key benefits you should start to recognise using their services:

  • Cost effective – you will save time and money. Time – because you will be spending time to do the work you need to do; Money – you you will be paying an hourly VA rate, rather than spending an hour of your time at your rate.
  • Reduced Costs – instead of hiring a full-time employee, you can choose the actual time you need your VA for at an hourly rate
  • Equipment provided / office space provided at no additional cost.
  • You’ll have verified experts that you can hire in no time
  • They are time savers as you don’t have to spend time training them
  • As they can stay focused only on tasks you’ve hired them for, they’ll get the work done quicker than someone juggling multiple demands.
  • Peace of mind- you now have someone on board that can help or represent you, saving you time in your day.
  • Support for you – advice, guidance, research, time to look and research new initiatives, systems for your business requirements.

End Result

I have worked for many of my clients for a few years now (5years+), we have built up strong working relationships.

I thoroughly enjoy being able to provide a friendly professional service to help support their business and make a difference to their day.   My clients are a valued part of my day, their work is my work, we have a shared interest in making it work successfully.

Taking the help of virtual assistant to become more productive and grow your business is no longer a rarity – it’s close to becoming a necessity.

Having a go-to person for pretty much all your needs is a great assistance to any individual or business.

Jackie has been my virtual assistant for 2 years now, and I could not be without her! She’s been instrumental in helping me put systems like bookkeeping in place to make my business run smoother. Jackie takes care of all the “bitty” jobs that take up my time and headspace, so it frees me up to focus on what I love to do most – which is not admin! She is quick, responsive and I can literally ask her to do anything that pops into my head and I know it will be done brilliantly! She’s the best kept secret in my business – but not for long!

Wendy Griffith – Health Coach

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